December 10, 2021

How to succeed in retirement

Retirement Planning

A principle that is often forgotten at the time of retirement is the need to balance short term uncertainty with long term risks such as capital longevity.  In many cases we see pre-retirees become conservative and start to accrue large pools of cash.  This behaviour is totally natural and normal, however what is the cost of this strategy?  The cost is a situation where capital might dry up and the client is left with limited options (not ideal).  A recent article published by Morningstar looks at such a case and provides valuable insight. 


View the article here:  Better Stocks Than Bonds in Retirement – Morningstar


A healthy allocation to stocks during retirement may provide comfort in knowing that the later years are potentially more financially secure. 

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Strategic Advice

Escalating recession fears hit markets

Extreme market volatility is distressing for investors, especially with so much uncertainty on multiple fronts. Sticking to a well thought-out, strategic, long-term investment plan, aligned with an investor’s financial goals and risk appetite, is the key to success.

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