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“I have worked with Genesis for 16 years. Initially, it was general advice regarding my superannuation, but this progressed to a more in-depth relationship which now involves all aspects of my financial situation. Their considered, tailored advice has suited me well and I would recommend them where more individual attention is preferred.”

Martin Morgan, McClaren Vale SA

“When I started my business 5 years ago my friend told me to call Wilton. His experience ensured I never missed anything and stayed on track with my business plan. He always spends the time to understand my needs and to find the right advice for my situation. He now deals with me, my staff and my family. Wilton is the person I can trust.”

Junko Yajima, E-square Solutions

“I was 32 when I undertook a review of my insurances. Genesis delivered a complete risk mitigation strategy that at the time required investment – a conflicting priority for someone that age. Eighteen months later and with a child on the way, I was diagnosed with cancer. The Genesis strategy paid off my mortgage, ensured continuity of income and allowed me to tackle my health issues with no financial worries. Genesis went above and beyond at the time of my claim and Phil became my Best Friend Forever. I will be forever grateful for choosing to see an industry expert that genuinely cared for me and my family.”

Cass Boyle, Marrickville NSW

“I was referred to Genesis when I was admitted to Partnership; together we have worked on a financial plan looking at my needs through to retirement and set up life and related insurance policies for myself and my family. I have always felt that Genesis puts me first in our discussions and there is never a sense of pushing a product. They have a good understanding of the specific needs of a partner in a professional services firm, particularly around navigating Partner independence rules.”

Peter Rupp, Perth WA

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