Insurance Solutions for Personal and Business Protection

Providing for the people you care about most

An essential part of your financial plan is to make sure that your family and assets are financially protected if something unexpected happened to you. While everyone’s needs are different, it’s important to have a comprehensive risk protection plan in place. It mitigates the risk gap for you and your family whilst you are building your wealth.

Your health is your most important asset.  Without it there’s no work, no income, and no way to pay the bills.  And if you have a family, a mortgage or both, there’s a lot riding on it.

It could happen to you

Serious illness and/or injury can strike at any time.  You only have to know someone who’s been struck down by an illness or accident to know it can, and does, happen.

Insurance can help ease the financial burden if you get sick or injured – giving you more options for treatment, and allowing you to focus on getting better.

Our cover will focus on the following areas:

  • Cover for you
  • Cover for your income
  • Cover for your debts
  • Cover for your family
  • Cover for your business (if appropriate)

In determining our advice we explore questions such as:

Could you survive without an income?

  • Think what would happen if you couldn’t work
  • How would you keep up with the bills?
  • Could you handle the additional medical expenses?
  • Who would look after you if you needed care?

What about your family?

  • How would they replace your lost income if you couldn’t return to work?
  • Could they afford the mortgage repayments?
  • How long would your family savings last?
  • Would they need any family / home assistance?  How close do your extended family live near you / can they help?

And what if you run a business?

  • Could you repay any business debt?
  • Could you or your business partner, afford to buy each other out?
  • If you had to sell the business, would you be able to find a buyer?

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