How we have helped

M Morgan, McClaren Vale SA

I have worked with Genesis for 16 years.  Initially, it was general advice regarding my superannuation, but this has progressed to a more in-depth relationship which now involves all aspects of my financial situation.

Genesis has provided good solid advice, based on my financial goals.  In latter years I have adopted a more conservative approach to investments and I am pleased to say that the considered and tailored advice from Genesis has suited me very well.

I have enjoyed a good relationship with Genesis staff including Phil Robbins and Michelle Flanagan.

Genesis delivers to my expectations and I would recommend them where more individual attention is preferred – rather than being a client of a much larger advisory business and running the risk of not getting one-on-one attention.

A Hafeez, Secret Harbour, WA

I was introduced to Wilton through a colleague at my hospital. Wilton has been a sounding board for me for a whole range of needs from financial planning to building my own home. I have benefited from Wilton’s advice for the past six years dealing with my risk protection, investments, finance and estate planning.

We have now completed our first home and working towards the next project. His cautious, mature, professional and responsible approach has tempered my impulsive enterprises and I greatly appreciate him for it.

J Yajima, Marsfield NSW 

When I started my business 5 years ago I had no one to help me, my friend told me to call Wilton. His experience ensured I never missed anything and I stayed on track with my business plan. He always spends the time to make sure he understands me.  His the person who sees, thinks and finds the right advice for my position and situation. He now deals with me, my staff and my family, Wilton is the person who I can trust.

C Boyle, Marrickville NSW

I have been a Genesis client since 2009 and will forever be grateful for choosing to see an industry expert and for experiencing Genesis first-hand.

I was 32 when I undertook a review of my insurances.  Genesis delivered a complete risk mitigating strategy that at that time required investment – a conflicting priority for someone of that age.

Eighteen months later I was diagnosed with cancer.  With a child on the way, Genesis’s strategies paid off my mortgage, ensured continuity of income and allowed me to tackle my health issues with absolutely no financial worries.

Genesis went above and beyond at the time of my claim and Phil became my Best Friend Forever.

When Genesis commit to do something, I have complete faith that it has been done and done correctly.  They deliver on what they commit to do and I feel they genuinely care for me and my family.

The Genesis service is professional but personable.  My experience couldn’t have been better – everyone should have a trusted planner in their team throughout their lives.

P Rupp, Perth WA

I was introduced to Genesis when I was admitted to Partnership in 2004 after emigrating from the UK.  I was referred to Genesis by another Partner and, since that time, I have had substantial assistance around the setting up of my life and related insurance policies for both myself and my family.

I have also worked with Genesis on a financial plan looking at my needs through to retirement, working through various scenarios.  I have been given assistance with both my UK and Australian superannuation as well as planning and assistance to navigate our Partner independence rules.

Genesis has always delivered in excess of my expectations.  I would single out the life insurance planning that was done in the earlier years when Genesis negotiated a very favourable outcome in removing all premium loadings and policy exclusions for both me and my wife.

More recently a comprehensive re-examination of my needs resulted in the reduction in cover to match my current circumstances – and a substantial saving in premiums.

I have always felt that Genesis puts me first in our discussion and there is absolutely never a sense of pushing a product.  There is also a good understanding of the specific needs of a partner in a professional services firm and particularly around the needs of Partners.

The people I deal with face to face are both accessible and helpful, and it is always good to see them over in Perth on one of their regular visits.  I have recommended Genesis to friends and associates for all these reasons.

G Halford, Collaroy NSW

Genesis have provided me with reliable and professional advice for more than 10 years.  They are a firm that provide competent advice in the best interests of their clients.  It is a very personal and supportive service.

D Kelso, Avalon NSW

Around 1991 my husband Ian and I engaged with Phil at Genesis.  When Ian passed away, I don’t know what I would have done without them.  Phil was just a wonderful support during this time and he helped me through a lot.  He still does.

I consider Genesis my main port of call and come to them for everything in relation to money as I would be floundering without them.

My family have now also become clients and I am happy that they are looked after and that Genesis is still guiding us along.

C Truong, Gladesville NSW

“When I finally pushed myself to get my financial affairs in order, I did my due diligence and interviewed a few financial advisors that I had found via the FPA website, or from recommendations of my co-workers. They were all competent and successful, but there was always a nagging feeling that prevented me from choosing any of them. I didn’t feel that they had my best interest at heart. When I met Wilton, I felt confident that he would take care of my finances and make sure that I understood fully about the choices I would have to make. So, I chose Wilton and I am very happy that my financial affairs are in order.”