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March 1, 2022

Russia – Ukraine Conflict

The power of today’s media means we’re all aware of the dreadful human issues going on in the Ukraine as a result of Putin’s decision to invade.  On the financial front, there is possibly less clarity.  

Russian markets plummeted in the hours after the invasion was announced – with the Russian equity index (MOEX) falling approximately 45% and the ruble losing approximately 8% against the USD. Both have since recovered slightly but will remain under pressure for the foreseeable future as the impact of economic sanctions takes hold.  Within developed markets, investor reactions were mixed over the two days since the invasion commenced.

Global dependence on Russian oil and natural gas has proven to mitigate any major upward pressure on commodity prices for now and will likely continue to be the case as western nations deal with the unfortunate balancing act between looking out for the wellbeing of the Ukrainian people, and the health of their own economies.

So have markets seen the worst of it?  

This article from Mason Stevens provides some insight: CLICK HERE to view. 

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