Genesis Financial Partners offers complete solutions and services for all your superannuation and investment needs. These services range from recommending appropriate assets to suit your investor risk profile, to providing tactical asset allocation advice, and reviewing your portfolio on a regular basis.

The Genesis Investment Approach

We have a rigorous investment approach which focuses on:

  • The selection of quality financial products;
  • Diversification;
  • Investing appropriately for individual clients’ risk profiles; and
  • Moderate tactical asset allocation changes as dictated by economic circumstances.

When constructing client portfolios, we consult with, and are guided by, the Madison Investment Committee.

Madison Investment Committee

The Madison Investment Committee (MIC) is made up of two experienced and highly regarded external consultants, along with representatives from leading Madison Financial Planning Practices. The external consultants are James Purvis and Tim Farrelly.

James Purvis has over 35 years’ industry experience in senior investment, management and actuarial roles and was co-founder of Purvis van Eyk research (now van Eyk).

Tim Farrelly is a Visiting Fellow at the School of Finance and Economics at the University of Technology Sydney, and is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Portfolio Construction. Previously, he was an Executive Director of Macquarie Bank Ltd, and Director of Macquarie Investment Management Ltd. (MIML).

The role of the MIC is to provide asset allocation and tactical investment advice to Madison Financial Planning Practices, as well as vetting financial products for inclusion on the Madison Approved List.

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