Estate Planning

Making sure your money goes to where you want it to go

Estate planning helps to ensure your assets will be managed and transferred according to your wishes in the most financially efficient and tax effective way after you die. Estate planning is more than just creating a will.

Depending upon the complexity of your affairs, an estate plan may incorporate provisions for:

  • Nominating someone to act on your behalf if you are unable to manage your own affairs – a financial or medical power of attorney or an advance-care directive;
  • Creating trusts or other structures for tax purposes or to protect significant assets;
  • Specifying arrangements for the smooth transfer of business interests;
  • Ensuring that structures you control (such as a family trust, family companies or superannuation funds) pass to the control of people you choose and trust;
  • Protecting and providing for loved ones with a disability or special needs, including young children;
  • Protecting your children’s inheritance from claims by their creditors or claims resulting from any future relationship breakdowns; or
  • A charitable-giving programme, whether it is a one-off donation, charitable trust or foundation such as a private ancillary fund.

An estate plan is something we recommend for all of our clients.

It is particularly important for families with complex needs, such as those involving second marriages or loved ones with special needs, and to avoid family disputes when it comes to the efficient distribution of your assets. Ultimately, it provides you with peace of mind that your estate will be concluded as you intended.

We partner with our clients to ensure their next generation is taken care of

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