Have you prepared for higher interest rates?

Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe warns it is unclear just how high interest rates will go, and suggests Australians should prepare accordingly. Is your portfolio built to weather this new environment?

Escalating recession fears hit markets

Extreme market volatility is distressing for investors, especially with so much uncertainty on multiple fronts. Sticking to a well thought-out, strategic, long-term investment plan, aligned with an investor’s financial goals and risk appetite, is the key to success.

Hedging Against Inflation – Gold or Real Estate?

Real estate is a reliable hedge against inflation – but of course it’s not an investor’s only option. Gold is often cited as a natural hedge against inflation. But is it better than real estate?

War, recession and continued global inflation: a market update

The danger in equity and bond markets has not decreased since the outbreak of war in Ukraine; it may even have increased. There is significant likelihood of a protracted recession in Europe and elsewhere and a continued global increase in inflation over the next 3 years.

The impact of Russian sanctions

The following view from T Rowe Price (a large global investment management firm) looks at the impact of the sanctions that are being imposed against Russia, not just in Russia but across the rest of the world.

Russia – Ukraine Conflict

The power of today’s media means we’re all aware of the dreadful human issues going on in the Ukraine as a result of Putin’s decision to invade.  On the financial front, there is possibly less clarity.